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Telma News

In its issue of the fourst trimester 2015, "Camions Actus" magazine dedicates an article to the new Eurocargo.
All changes compared to the 2013 version of this vehicle are detailed, as well as a road test conducted by the journalist, who reminded that "the electromagnetic Telma retarder is optional on all new Eurocargo".
By integrating the Telma retarder to its new range of Eurocargo, Iveco  wants to offer its customers  the numerous benefits of a Telma.

Veröffentlicht am 10/12/2015

Iveco ends this year 2015 under the sign of consecration : first the Prize of the Van of the Year 2015 for the Daily, then the Prize of the Coach of the Year 2016 for its Magelys and at the Solutrans Show Iveco won the Prize of the Truck of the Year 2016 for its range of Eurocargo.
These awards are based on a series of criteria including technical innovation, comfort, safety, consumption, environmental footprint and the total cost.
Iveco has chosen to offer these three vehicles with Telma retarder factory option.
Install Telma in your vehicle and you will increase its safety, comfort and serenity for driver and passengers while protecting the environment and saving money, miles after miles.

Veröffentlicht am 01/12/2015

The Soultrans Show was a great opportunity for Telma to display its products to 36,000 attendees.
Telma had the opportunity to confirm new data on the amount of fine particles removed and not emitted into the atmosphere through the use of a Telma retarder.
Professionals within the road and urban transport sector have been quite pleased with these amazing gains and their beneficial consequences for our planet and our health.
Telma also took advantage of this show to introduce its new retarder:  the AF8.  Its novelty?   The AF8 is lighter because its mass is reduced by 92kg.  It is more powerful because its performance is increased by 35% and more efficient because the electrical usage is reduced by 62%.
Telma team thanks all partners, visitors and new contacts for the interest they have shown for our products.

Veröffentlicht am 30/11/2015

In its October 2015 issue, “Car & Bus” magazine takes stock of the novelties presented by manufacturers and body builders that we should not miss during the 2015 Busworld Show.
The AF5 retarder, in LVRS600 Plug & Play configuration which was shown on Telma booth at the show, appears on this article.
This Plug & Play solution offers significant benefits to its customers such as time savings, increased reliability, a mounting simplicity, a perfect compatibility while declinable on any type of vehicle.
Equip a vehicle with a Telma retarder is not a random decision but a stated desire to enjoy the many benefits of an innovative solution.

Veröffentlicht am 06/11/2015

During the 2015 Busworld show in Kortrijk, Telma has once again confirmed its worldwide leadership in the global market of the electromagnetic retarder.
Indeed, 34 vehicles of our partners were displayed with Telma retarders.
Telma team thanks all partners, visitors and new contacts for their interest they have shown for our products.

Veröffentlicht am 26/10/2015

In its issue of August/September 2015, "Autocar&Bus Infos" magazine presents a test conducted on the Sprinter City 65, vehicle dedicated to local transport in narrow city centers or on low-traffic lines.
The test vehicle was equipped with a Telma retarder: the journalist describes the vehicle as "more than effective" downhill. The Sprinter City 65 is described by Mercedes as one of the safest minibuses in its class. This priority focused on safety, results unequivocal in the installation of a Telma retarder: the Telma retarder guarantees unparalleled instantaneous availability of the full braking power regardless of the vehicle speed. Passengers safety is ensured and an exceptional comfort is allowed.

Veröffentlicht am 24/09/2015

During the 2015 Caravan Salon in Dusseldorf, Telma displayed the AF3 on the booth of its partner Fahrzeugbau Meier, coachbuilder for mobile homes on IVECO Chassis.
This show was an opportunity for Telma to meet users, and to have good returns on the use of retarders : the integration of a Telma retarder is an additional guarantee of serenity and comfort to drivers and passengers.
Telma team thanks all partners, visitors and new contacts for their interest they have shown for our products.

Veröffentlicht am 10/09/2015

With this article, the Telma company and its retarders will have no more secrets for you!
The Telma retarder operating principle is explained clearly.
This article is a good generic illustration of our company and our products.

Veröffentlicht am 20/07/2015

In its June/July 2015 issue, Autocar&Bus Infos magazine publishes a report on several minicar models offered by Iveco, Mercedes-Benz, Dietrich Carebus Group, Hervouet Corporate Industry, and VDL Bus & Coach.

Among the Iveco models offered on the French market, the Daily Tourys and Line models are technically described; the article states that "by the end of the year, the Agile automated gearbox will be replaced by the Hi-Matic gearbox, offered with the Telma retarder". The Hi-Matic is the first 8-speed automatic gearbox in the segment; it provides Iveco vehicles with the best performances of their category.

Safety is a crucial concern in passenger transport activities. Iveco understands it and has decided to select Telma devices: the decision to install a Telma retarder on a vehicle is a token of safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

Veröffentlicht am 16/07/2015

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Veröffentlicht am 03/07/2015

In its May 2015 issue, "Autocar&Bus Infos" magazine featured a test of the Mercedes-Benz luxury minicar: the Travel 65.

In addition to the test results, the article describes the vehicle: design, standard equipment, and safety equipment.  Our Telma AE30-35 is available on this vehicle; it is mentioned in the article and included in the related technical sheet. Mercedes aims to make this vehicle the "road comfort ambassador" while focusing on safety.

Mercedes selected the Telma retarder as an essential guarantee of safety for its Travel 65.

The AE30-35 perfectly meets the requirements of Mercedes and its clients. The Telma retarder guarantees unparalleled instantaneous availability of the full braking power regardless of the vehicle speed, thereby increasing passenger safety while increasing passenger comfort.

Veröffentlicht am 19/05/2015

In its May 2015 issue, "Autocar&Bus Infos" magazine dedicated an entire article to school buses.

While classrooms will soon be deserted, manufacturers have already completed their lines in anticipation of the beginning of the next school year. The new regulations will be characterized by  safety and environmental improvements: all school buses must now be equipped with safety belts and alcohol interlocks and there are new anti-pollution standards.

Offers include numerous vehicles of various brands, with different characteristics. The following vehicles will include Telma retarders as a standard feature on the French market:

  • Iveco Bus Crossway Pop
  • Otokar Navigo, Vectio et Territo
  • Dietrich Carebus Group: Temsa LD SB and Yutong EC
  • HCI: Kapena Movéo
  • Fast Concept Car: Isuzu Novo, Isuzu Turquoise and Isuzu Visigo.

Choosing a vehicle equipped with a Telma retarder is a guarantee of safety and comfort for all students, drivers, and parents.

Veröffentlicht am 18/05/2015

In its May 2015 issue, "Autocar&Bus Infos" magazine publishes an article on vehicle delivery to the Ministry of Defense.  The French army ordered 153 Iveco Buss Crossway and 6 Daily minicars to comply with new regulations including in terms of safety (safety belts and alcohol interlocks) and environment (anti-pollution engine).

Telma is proud to install FN81-60 or LVRS600 devices on these 159 vehicles, hence participating in the safety and comfort of the staff. Moreover, a retarder ensures up to 80% of braking operations, which constitutes an important source of savings. By significantly increasing the service braking system lifetime, the Telma retarder is in line with environmental requirements:  since it operates without pollutant emission, it reduces the sanitary risks associated with fine particles.

Veröffentlicht am 17/05/2015

During the InterMat show which took place in Paris in France from 20 till 25 April, Telma was present on the booth of its partners, such as the manufacturer LIEBHERR (all their truck cranes were fitted with Telma retarders), Isuzu, Renault Trucks and Iveco.

InterMat show registered 183 000 entrances during this edition of April 2015. 35% were  foreign and came from 169 different countries. These very satisfactory figures reflect the international character of the show.

Telma team thanks all partners, visitors and new contacts for their interest they have shown for our products.

Veröffentlicht am 30/04/2015

In its April 2015 issue, Autocar&Bus Infos magazine features an article on manufacturer Otokar: it describes the 2014 balance sheet of the Koç Group, the new features, and the 2015 perspectives.
Otokar introduces its bestsellers onto the French market: the Navigo, the Vectio, and the Territo. In order to propose a comprehensive offer to its clients, the company has equipped all three vehicles with a Telma retarder as a standard feature on the French market. The decision to install a Telma retarder in a vehicle is a token of safety and comfort for the driver and passengers, and of savings for the vehicle owner. Last, using a Telma retarder is beneficial to the environment: there is no hydraulic circuit drainage and, contrary to the use of service brakes, the operation of the Telma retarder does not produce health-endangering polluting particles.
Please join us in October at the Busworld trade fair in Courtrai; we will welcome you at the Telma booth where you will discover our latest news as well as those of our partners.

Veröffentlicht am 22/04/2015

Telma was represented on the booth of its partner Frenteknik at the Automechanika Trade Fair, held in Istanbul in Turkey from April 8 to 12.

Automechanika is an event which allows to gather the biggest actors of the automobile and the transport sector. Telma took this opportunity to meet its clients and partners.

Telma team thanks all partners, visitors and new contacts for their interest they have shown for our products.

Veröffentlicht am 20/04/2015
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